Smartuft’s Mission

Smartuft’s Mission

Smartuft is a special great horned owl. Great horned owls are known for their excellent vision and hearing, strong talons, swift flight, solemn personality, colorblindness and, of course, eartufts that resemble horns.

Because Smartuft is special, he does not appear like a real great horned owl. Let me tell you HOO he is. He is a fictitious owl character who appears to be colorblind, as his clothes feature a mishmash of some of the spectrum’s boldest colors. He wears glasses to remind boys, girls, and even adults that sometimes we need help to have great vision. Besides, glasses make him look cuter, smarter, and more confident.

As far as we know, Smartuft’s great hearing has nothing to do with his tufts. Eartufts are clumps of feathers that look like ears or horns and have no definitive purpose, but Smartuft has given his a purpose! One of his tufts helps him hold his favorite pencil so that he can be ready to jot down his findings during his explorations. As any great horned owl, he has strong talons and flies very speedily throughout the world exploring and discovering.

Smartuft is a jolly, positive, confident, and sociable little bird. This is because he is happy that he was created with his own special characteristics and attributes. If Smartuft could talk, he would say, “I love who I AM, but most importantly, I love the purpose for which I have been created. I have been created to remind children and adults alike that by recognizing, developing, and utilizing our characteristics, gifts, talents, traits, and skills, we can become people who care about and help others.”

Who are you? A Learner? A thinker? An artist? A mathematician? A teacher? A team player? A giver?

Are you strong? Determined? Persistent? Kind? Compassionate?